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"Investing with Confidence"

At Kessinger/Hunter we understand that real estate investment decisions must be based upon rigorous financial analyses, but we also believe that successful real estate investing will never be reduced to an algorithm. Investment success can only be consistently achieved when financial modeling is tempered by an intimate knowledge of the marketplace and deep understanding of real estate values over time. Over the last three years we have all endured great financial instability. Economic upheaval throughout the world has had a profound impact on real estate investment values. At times like these, there is no substitute for experience. Since 1996, Kessinger/Hunter has been consistently ranked among the region’s top real estate investment sales groups, closing transactions totaling more than $1 billion. This includes over 16 million square feet of commercial space and more than 2,600 apartment units. Even in the throes of the Great Recession, our investment sales have totaled nearly $100 million and we have continued to hone our skills and broaden our experience.

Kessinger/Hunter’s investment department is now the core of an asset management group that is responsible for over 4 million square feet of investment real estate throughout the United States. We are committed to the success of our clients, and our pledge is to provide you with in-depth market knowledge and research, superior financial analyses, and investment counsel that is founded upon our incomparable experience advising real estate investors throughout the US and the world for over thirty years. Whether we are working with sellers or buyers, our clients include national financial institutions, real estate advisors and local investors. Our knowledge of active investors in the market is unmatched..

** Call us today and we can review your property investment goals at 816-842-2690. ** Register online today to receive a free market analysis research report. Click here

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